M phun son aircombi

AIRCOMBI (air-assisted airless)

The combined atomization of airless and air pressure makes it the best in the range of liquid paints.

The Aircombi gun can be evenly adjusted in airless, air and air-assisted airless (3 in 1).

Guns Aircombi 2000/2100New should be used with Aircombi units as Profit and Phoenix.




Aircombi concept

Painting Unit


Spray gun Aircombi 2100 NEW

with transfer efficiency upto 85%

- working pressure: max. 250 bar [3625psi]               

- air pressure: optimum 2,0 - 2,5 bar

- air volume: 220 l/min @ 2,5 bar

- wet parts: stainless steel

- swivel : 02, built-in

- filter insert: built-in

- spray tip: size on request, standard

Aircombi 2100